How a Hairstylist Can Seriously Affect our Self-Esteem (and why).

Hairstylists are often a much-discussed topic in our lives. When we trustingly put our tresses into the hands of the hair experts, it’s not just about our hair, is it?  The way we are treated in a hair salon can have an extreme (and lasting) effect on our self-esteem – so who can blame us for searching for a salon experience that is always positive? And how on earth can we find such a salon?

As we can all attest to, a positive lift to our self-esteem is not as common as we’d like in the hair salon world – and no amount of latte’s and massage chairs (that many salons have adopted to deliver ‘affordable luxury’) can make up for any massive blow a stylist can have to our precious self-esteem.

I believe that if a salon and its stylists truly care about their client and want them to feel their best – we’d be floating out of the hair salon not only with great hair but with our fabulously positive self-esteem well and truly intact - every single time.

But we don’t always, do we?

According to a study by the Oxford University, positive changes to our emotions, well-being, compassion and trust can often be attributed to acts of kindness.  And not just any act of kindness. They state that “research has shown that autonomy is an important factor in the relationship between kindness and wellbeing.”  In other words – ‘like you really mean it, honey’.  I guess anyone is kind when they want something (i.e. your money).

Well, it turns out this is a real thing!  In fact, kindness is not just an idea – it’s a movement.

Leading the way in this thought-trend, is Brisbane hair salon, Orb Hair and Beauty. 

As Orb’s Owner, Deborah Paton, explains; “We call it ‘Getting Orb’d.’ and this is a very strong movement in our salon.  None of my team needs to be asked to be kind – it’s part of who we all are and it’s a culture we have strongly cultivated over time.  I know that random acts of kindness to my team (which I love doing) also results in them genuinely treating their salon guests with kindness.  And according to studies, the giver of a genuinely-delivered kind act will benefit as much as the receiver.  This also increases my team’s own well-being and love of their work.”

Well, I had to try this for myself.  So, in I went – to ‘Get Orb’d’ as they called it.

To honestly summarise my visit – from the moment I walked through the door - can only be described as feeling uniquely special.  In its service, Orb delivered an understated luxury, from start to finish.  

So, what was it, exactly, that made me feel so incredibly cared for?  

To say it was the cool hand towel on arrival, (it was a hot day) or the way the peppermint tea was served so caringly in a shot glass on a silver tray does not explain it.  Nor does the seemingly unlimited beverage menu or the lunch they organised for me since they knew I’d still be there over lunchtime. Maybe it was the absolute attention to detail from my stylist, Nathan, where his reason for being seemed to be me, (without it being weird)?  Perhaps it was the way a person just ‘appeared’ out of nowhere to open the door for me as I left? Oh ok, maybe it was the chilled glass of Prosecco!  Seriously though, I can only describe that ‘Getting Orb’d’ felt like being a part of something - not just a well-orchestrated system – it went way beyond that.

I watched the entire team as they worked their hair magic – and they all seemed to have this quiet confidence about them.  I know they are all at the top of their game and often represent Orb nationally at fashion week and the likes, but there’s something about the energy in this salon that makes you want to pack up your things and go live there!

I walked out loving my hair and feeling amazing – that light but powerful feeling you get when you feel ready to take on the world!  And I wanted to share it with everyone!  So I frantically started calling my friends to see who could meet me for after-work drinks (yep, more Prosecco).

Now, I understand that a great hairdresser instils confidence in us from the way we look. But after 'Getting Orb’d', I realise it takes an entire team of genuine hearts to consistently gift its guests the feeling of such positive self-esteem as the one I experienced.  

That to me, and probably you too, is nothing short of priceless.